VIPGROUP Return Policy and Shipping Risk Policy:

1, All goods does not provide trial service, packaging once removal, non-quality reasons are not returned & refund.
2, Due to your personal reasons for the damage caused by the product (such as self-modifying size, washing, leather shoes with oil, long wear, etc.) and improper custody, the normal wear and tear of goods, not returned;
3, Unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation caused by the quality of the goods, or tear, altered stickers, anti-counterfeit labels, etc. are not returned;
4, With gifts of goods, combined sales of goods, packs, packages of goods can not be part of the return;
5, If the customer does not apply for the return of VIP GROUP, the goods will be sent directly to the VIP GROUP, VIP GROUP does not assume custody, re-delivery, refund responsibility, if necessary VIPGROUP the right to dispose of stranded goods.
6, Photos and information just for reference only, due to shooting lights and different Monitor color setting and other issues may result in product images and physical color, the goods prevail in kind;
7, the return of goods, unopened goods, the use of packaging and maintain the status quo for sale, if there are gifts, please return together; VIP GROUP all goods are VIP Group security logo and retain the relevant photographic files, have not shipped before E-mail submitted to the guests review, send goods without VIP GROUP logo will not be returned
8, sign for all goods, such as more than 72 hours (express company to sign a single delivery time) Commodity quality problems, do not provide return service. If the goods are watches, electronic driven goods, handbags, clothing, jewelry and other surface damage, you can shop under the original brand warranty, some brands did not set up a free warranty for the first year, it also need to follow the paid maintenance and then Price list.
9, because it is a quality problem, please focus on the problem shooting, to be clearly visible and e-mail to our review. If approval is returned, the returned product must be in a good package (including package fill and overpack or overpack), and you can re-use the packaging material when VIP GROUP ships Put enough filler to avoid the clattering sound inside the package or small items scattered in the package. Due to temporarily not support the freight to pay for the business, shipping goods, please send your shipping costs, and freight payment vouchers sent to VIP GROUP.
10, due to improper handling and return shipping process for any reason, resulting in damage and loss of goods, the risk borne by the buyer, VIP GROUP will not make any compensation and refund.
11, all non-quality problems require the return of goods, shipping will be borne by the buyer.
12, you need to apply for approval as soon as possible after the return of goods to be sent, and landing, "My Account - Return Records - Registration" fill in the courier company name and express order number for VIP GROUP timely follow-up and deal with.
13, return, please be sure to keep intact the original brand box or bag, with accessories, labels, manuals, etc., invoice, delivery courier (if invoice or giveaway) with the goods return. Such as the return of goods missing invoices, receipt courier or packaging damaged / lost, even in the return period, can not handle it for you.
14, to ensure that the sale of goods are genuine and no quality problems, if you are in use when the goods are genuine or not, please submit a written assessment of professional quality supervision and inspection agencies, VIP GROUP in accordance with state regulations to be addressed.
15, the goods purchased directly store does not apply to the above exchange policy.
16. With respect to the above returned goods and shipping policies, VIP GROUP reserves the right to make any changes without giving any written notice.

Please return everything that is included (the product, the original box and package, accessories and gift). We will not accept the returns if any of the items are deem to be used or damage. The return address is as follow:
Room 1211, 12/F, Tower 2, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, TST, KLN, Hong Kong. (Please remark the invoice number)
Hotline: 852-37033809

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